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Laser Tracker

The Laser Tracker is a portable device that can measure in three dimensions with an accuracy of "0.001"within a range of 230 feet.  It uses a high accuracy Laser to measure the distance between it and target, which is a Spherically Mounted Retro - Reflector (SMR).  The Laser Tracker measures the location of the SMR at a rate of one thousand times per second. A typical recorder measurement takes about one second and provides an average value there by negating any errors due to moderate vibrations.  The number of readings per measurement can be adjusted to suit the conditions.

The Laser Tracker measures 3D coordinate by tracking a laser beam to a retro-reflective target held in contact with the object of interest.

The Laser Tracker is the most advanced ever introduced.  The Tracker sense a laser beam to a retro-reflective target (SMR) held against the object to be measured.  Light reflected off the target retracts its path reentering the track at the same position.

The Faro Laser is the most advanced ever introduced.  The laser tracker features are longer measurement range, lighter weight,

and contains the fastest, most sophisticated distance measuring system.

The Faro Laser Tracker accurately performs measurements with many applications over a wide range of industries.  Laser Tracker compares complex geometry, surfaces and feature position to nominal data.  There is no need to move the part to a fixed inspection tool and it verifies dimensional integrity and repeatability of the tool.

The Laser Tracker helps in reverse engineering by acquiring high accuracy digital scan data which helps to eliminate the need for hard masters.

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