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Reverse Engineering
1. Non contact Laser scan using FARO scan ARM.
2. Contact touch probe. 
3. Point cloud, Nurbs Surface, and Sectional curve data – IGES, STEP, STL, DWG, DXF.
4. Solid modeling – UG, ProE, Catia V5.


Reverse Engineering on Castings
Turbine Casting Optical Lens Body Turbine Blade
Silicon Rubber Cutting Blades Mock Up Tower Module Composite Mould for Dhruva

1. CAD to Part comparison in Report format
2. Scanned data aligned to CAD model 
a) 123 Alignment
b) Best Fit Alignment
c) CSYS Alignment
3. Color graphic, SPC graphs to compare and report

CMM Measurement
1. 2.4 meter (Platinum ARM)
2. 1 to 70 meters (Tracker)
3. Incremental method of Inspection Device move and register for bigger parts
4. Inspection /validation of tools, fixtures, Fabricated sheet metal parts and all kinds of formed tubes

Data Conversion
1. Drafting of 2D Drawings (Detailing)
2. 2D to 3D Conversion
3. 3D to 2D Conversion

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