Laser Tracker Inspection

Faro Laser Tracker (Laser tracking services)

Faro Laser Tracker CMM is a portable, high precision coordinate measurement system. The Laser Tracker CMM is a combination of interferometer based laser optics with state-of-the-art servo control technology to measure the position of a target relative to the tracker. Tracker also contains unique “Absolute ADM” system for enhanced flexibility.

With the polyworks software provided, the real-time positioning information can be used to measure relative distances between points, set up virtual axis, monitor the movement of a part with an accuracy of 8 microns per meter and measurable up to 30 meters with 3d cad model comparison.

  1. Assembly Line Inspection, Alignment and Installation.
  2. Ship Building and Railways.
  3. Inspection for Heavy Engineering and fabrication applications.
  4. Windmill installations.
  5. Aerospace Related Inspection.